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    Browser pixel-rounding playground

    Then the rain poured down so violently that all the conversation was suspended, except more or less profane interjections upon the luck of the Army of the Cumberland in never failing to bring on a deluge when it started to march."Now, give each of these boys a good breakfast of ham and eggs and trimmings and I'll settle for it."Tests how different web browsers round geometry to pixels, dp, etc.


    "Fortunately, the discipline of the army does not depend on the respect shown Second Lieutenants," Capt. McGillicuddy could not help saying. "If you have any complaint to make against one of my men, state it to me, their Captain, or to the Colonel of the regiment. We are the persons, not you, to deal with them.""I've got an idee how to fix that old woman," said Shorty suddenly.Light-weight runner for the esbuild compiler

    Pointer latency playground

    Explore web browser input pointer latency and try predictive tracking

    Bzier tangent

    Jim Humphries, one of the medium-sized boys, suddenly turned as white as a sheet and fell on the planks. One after another of those around him did the same, until a half-dozen were lying there in a heap."Mebbe the Surgeon has something else that'll pizen these little cusses," said Si, falling in with his comrade.Toy that derives the tangent and normal from an arbitrary point of a Bzier curve

    Markdown WASM

    "When'll we see some rebels?" the boys asked.Fast Markdown parser and HTML renderer implemented in WebAssembly

    Web Clipboard Promise

    "To my mind," muttered Shorty, as he stepped forward to investigate the basket, "she's the kind o' a woman I'd like to have bake pies for a gang o' State's prison birds that I wanted to kill off without the trouble o' hangin'. Say, ma'am, are your pies pegged or sewed? What'd you use for shortenen'injy rubber or Aunt Jemimy's plaster?" he continued as he turned back the cloth and surveyed the well-known specimens of mountain baking which were as harmful to Uncle Sam's boys as the bullets of their enemies."Well," says I, "it's about ez fur for me forward to him as it is for him back here to me. I don't know as I want to see him at all. If he wants to see me so bad let him cum back here."86Demo of clipboard promises on the Web

    Figma Minimap plugin

    Game-like miniature map that provides an overview of the Figma canvas

    Graphviz playground

    Graphviz as a service (web worker and playground)


    "All the same, Elliott was dead-stuck on her. Bimeby he heard some way that some stay-at-home widower was settin' up to her, and she was encouragin' him, and finally married him. When Elliott heard that he was completely beside himself. He lost all appetite for everything but whisky and the blood of widowers. Whenever he found a man who was a widower he wanted to kill him. At Chickamauga, he'd pick out the men that looked old enough to be widowers, and shoot at them, and no others. In the last charge he got separated, and was by himself with a tall rebel with a gray beard. 'I surrender,' said the rebel. 'Are you a widower?' asked Elliott. 'I'm sorry to say that my wife's dead,' said the rebel. 'Then you can't surrender. I'm goin' to kill you,' said Elliott. But he'd bin throwed off his guard by too much talkin'. The rebel got the drop on him, and killed him."Figma plugin for running scripts and playing with code


    {sjtxt}Program for creating Figma plugins

    Raster Simple Grid System

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Minimal and straight-forward CSS grid system

    Color sort

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Playground to sort colors in different ways

    CSS Grid

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}CSS Grid experiment with viewport-relative typography & scale

    Snow scape

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Fun little snowy landscape in ortographic projection with day-night cycle


    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Fun graphic day-night cycle simulation

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    Thoughts & ideas

    Introduction to WebAssembly

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt} WebAssembly is a new technology for running portable programs in a safe and efficient manner, represented by a low-level virtual-machine assembly, primarily aimed at the web platform. This article gives a practical introduction to WebAssembly.


    {sjtxt}{sjtxt} Gotalk exists to make it easy for programs to talk with one another over the internet, like a web app coordinating with a web server, or a bunch of programs dividing work amongst eachother.

    The 1950s called and wanted their toolbox back

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt} Your favourite fancy-pants modern programming language is from the 1950s. Pretty much any programming language used today is a derivative of Fortran or Lisp, both born in the 1950s. Okay, reality check: Its 2013yes, 60 years laterand we have cars that drive themselves on the street, robots roaming the surface of alien planets and tiny networked devices with interactive surfaces that we keep in our pockets, which are orders of magnitude more powerful than the computers of the 1950s.

    The Definition of Design

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt} Q&A with Charles Eames

    Sol a sunny little virtual machine

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt} During this weekend, together with a few evenings earlier this week, I created a rather simple virtual machine dubbed Sol, after the Swedish word for sun. Its register based with multitasking and timers.

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    {sjtxt}{sjtxt} Im a Swedish he/him living in San Francisco, California. Software is the medium through which I express myself.


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